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25 July 2010

swim "lessons"

One of the most fun things I've had the opportunity to do with my daughter is her first round of swim lessons! Of course, at her age, they're more like "get used to the water" lessons. If you know me at all, you know I am not a fan of pools and swimming and bathing suits. However, I still think it's important for my kids to be comfortable around the water. And so, Josie and I are half-way through our first-ever "Mommy and Me" class.

The first day she spent the first 15 minutes whining softly. She wasn't too sure about the pool and all those people. But, by the second time we went, she started relaxing a bit, only whined for about 5 minutes, and eventually started really enjoying herself. Now when we go she laughs and giggles and kicks her legs in excitement. The only unfortunate thing about our classes right now is that its not quite hot enough to make the pool feel refreshing. Most evenings, by the time our half-hour is up, we're all feeling chilly and goose-bumpy. Who knew I'd be wishing for those 100-degree temps from last week?!

On Friday Caleb got to join us and be the one in the pool with Josie, which meant I had a chance to get some pictures (and I had a break from the cold water for an evening).

Josephine has had many comments on her cute swim suits. Being as how her birthday was just at the beginning of June, she has four new ones, one for each day of class!

At 13 months, Josie is the youngest person in the class. Her teacher, Amber, is great with all the kids, and even though Josie cries through every second she has to go with the teacher, she does all right in the end. She's even learned to give Amber a high-five at the end of every day!

On this particular day, Amber took all the bigger kids down the slide. So Caleb and Josie had lots of time to just play in the water.

Cousins Ben and Darcy bought her this cute beach towel for her birthday, along with the suit she was wearing. Too cute!

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Goes On Runs said...

my kids do not like water..... do not like swim lessons.... much less the swim teacher. i signed them up for lessons last summer while at my mother-in-laws in florida... they cried/screamed the entire 2 one-hour sessions. you are ahead of our curve, sweet josie!!!