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04 December 2007

Christmas Music, part 5

Leigh Nash was the lead singer of the band "Sixpence None the Richer." Although Sixpence faded from the limelight due to various producing snafus, Leigh Nash has taken off with a career of her own. Her voice has a unique high-pitched quality to it, and I admit her version of "O Holy Night" is not my favorite. But she has some other really fun and original songs on this her first Xmas album (released this year).

My favorite song from the album is "Eternal Gifts," whose main line is "Santa knows what I want, but Jesus knows what I need." I also really like "Wishing for This" and "Maybe This Christmas," which speaks of what could be if we all had a little more love.
Sad and melancholy is "Hard Candy Christmas," talking about how hard Christmas can be sometimes, but we make it through.

This album has a bit of a country sound to it, which appeals to me, of course. She covers "Last Christmas," a song made famous in the 80s by George Michael and Wham! And then of course, she does a great version of "Baby, Its Cold Outside," my favorite scandalous Christmas song.
Right now this album is only available on iTunes as a download. There are only 7 songs and the whole album is only $6.99 I believe. Its a fun and different addition to the usually mundane Christmas album fare.

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