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05 December 2007

Christmas Music, part 6

Being the country music fan that I am, what would this list be without Garth Brooks? I mean, he IS country music, is he not? (And is apparently working on a comeback.)

This is his first Christmas album, released way back in 1992, and is still one of my favorites. Unfortunately, back then, I had it on tape, and have never actually replaced it with a CD. I don't even know where the tape is now. What I remember most about this album is his version of "Go, Tell It On The Mountain." Its Garthified, for sure, but still my favorite version of that song.

The other songs on this album include "What Child is This," "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," "White Christmas," "Silent Night," and that all-time family favorite "Santa looked a lot like Daddy."

This is a classic country Christmas album, rather complete with its range from classic to original holiday tunes. Maybe its nostalgia that brings me back to Garth, but I'm convinced this is one of the best ones out there. I know it can be found on Amazon, though there are only used copies for sale ... that's how old this album is.

Garth released his second Christmas album in 2001, and it deserves an honorable mention. There are two songs on this album that always make my "Christmas Mix" lists. The first is "Mary Had a Little Lamb," and before you call it cheesy, you must listen! Its a great song. The second one is "Baby Jesus is Here," an uptempo song that makes you want to dance around the house also excited that Baby Jesus has come to save mankind. Almost the entire rest of the album is full of more "winter" songs than Christmas ones, but he does them well. And there are no repeats from his first album, so if you just need more Garth (and let's face it, who DOESN'T need more Garth?), this is a great one to have.

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