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01 December 2007

Christmas music, part 2

SHeDAISY is a country girl band (as you can see) that I happen to like more than the Dixie Chicks. Maybe because they're less political, I don't know. They're music isn't overly striking and original, but its definitely fun, and they do excellent harmonies together.

This is another of my favorite Christmas albums for the exact opposite reason that Martina McBride's is one of my favorites. "Brand New Year" is almost completely original. Of the 14 tracks on the album, there are only 3 recognizable classics, and even they've been rearranged. But the originality of the new music, as well as the sheer fun they put into every track, makes this a must in your Christmas jukebox.

About half the songs are about winter and gifts and silly Christmas traditions, like "Santa's Got a Brand New Bag," "Tinseltown," and "Sleigh Ride." "Twist of the Magi," a duet with Rascall Flatts, is a ballad about a husband and wife antagonizing each other during the holidays by "selling your Rolex to buy that Versacci dress," and "Putting your mother on a Greyhound, she always wanted to see the world," with each proclaiming, "I did it all for you." Its hilarious.

However, for all its fun, the album also includes several songs that speak of Christmas' true meaning. At the end of "What Child is This," they even take turns quoting Luke 2 (its very reminiscent of Linus reciting the same at the end of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special). "That's What I Want For Christmas" talks about what's truly important in life, and they do fantastic renditions of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" mixed with "The Carol of the Bells."
So, if you're looking for something original and fun, with a few twists on the traditional, this album is for you (even if you're not a country fan ... trust me).

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