My Journey through Breast Cancer

On October 11, 2013, I was diagnosed with Stage II Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) ... or as we like to call it, extreme measures for a nap (EMFN). For a while, this blog will be my cancer journal. Enter at your own risk.

04 May 2010


I find it annoying that the word referring to that tasty tomato condiment we pour on hamburgers and hot dogs (and in some cases, tacos) can be correctly spelled two ways. It can be spelled "ketchup," which makes sense, because it looks exactly the way it sounds. Or it can be spelled "catsup," which is silly, because it looks like "cat soup" ... which sounds quite gross. It makes me feel like I'd be pulling whiskers out of my hamburger.

Anyway, this post is not actually about ketchup, but catch-up. A lot's happened lately, and I just haven't taken the time to journal about it. Sometimes a girl just needs to be inspired to add to the blog, and I haven't been inspired much lately ... which is odd, because good things have been happening.

The most exciting new development in our lives of late is, after nearly a year of unemployment, Caleb is working! A week and a half ago or so, he was offered a job at a company in Aliso Viejo doing graphic design. Not his favorite job of all time, but something he's definitely good at. Its also a job where he'll have an opportunity to hone and improve on his skills. And its a great way to get back into the groove of working full time. Its temp-to-hire, which is fine by us right now. Actually, being a temporary employee is helpful as we are continuing to wait for the short sale of our condo to go through. He's missing Josephine a lot, as he used to get to spend the whole day with her, but he's enjoying more purposeful days, and providing for his family again. We are so grateful to God and his provision for us at this time. Unemployment was about six weeks from ending, too, so it feels like its just in time. God is so good.

For now, I am keeping my job. Since Caleb's job is technically temporary, and does not yet include benefits or paid time off, it seems wise that I keep working. That means Josephine gets to spend Monday through Wednesday in the capable hands of her grandma, my mom. They have a great time together. And because her surroundings haven't changed at all, Josephine has adjusted quite well to the change.

Speaking of Josephine, she is almost 11 months old! I can't believe its time to plan her first birthday party. My, how time flies. She's doing well these days, except for the teething. There are days it seems to bother her quite a bit, poor girl. But she's handling it like a champ, most of the time. And Mom and Dad are doing their best to keep her within the legal limits of pain killers, when necessary.

I'm reading an interesting book right now: Moloka'i. It chronicles the life of a woman sent to a leper colony in Hawaii in the late 19th century. She spends over 50 years there, on a 6-square-mile piece of an island. I'm learning a lot about a previously-unknown-to-me piece of history, and enjoying the writing of Alan Brennert, the author.

I've discovered a new favorite tissue in Kleenex Puffs brand ... it has Vicks lotion infused in every tissue. Its like a drug, and I'm addicted. Every time I blow my nose it leaves it feeling all tingly and clean smelling. It almost makes me want to get a cold.

Caleb and I are almost beside ourselves with excitement right now as tomorrow we leave on a 4-night trip away for our anniversary. Grandma Weston gets the profound pleasure of watching Josephine while we're gone, and we get the profound pleasure of uninterrupted sleep for four nights in a row! We're heading to Yosemite for two nights, then over Donner Pass to Mammoth for two nights. (Yes, its a 300-mile detour, but Tioga Pass will be closed on account of snow. We like long pretty drives anyway, so its going to work out great.) With all the late-season snow, both mountain areas should still have plenty of snow to play in and enjoy. We're especially looking forward to Yosemite, as we've never been there together. And did I mention we're going without kids or dogs?

And in two weeks I'll be taking another five-day trip, this time with Josephine, as well as my mom, dad and sister, up to visit my brother David and his wife Rachel in lovely Lynden, Washington. I didn't mean to plan so many outings in May, but it just worked out that way. Its vacation month, apparently. I'll have pics and details of them all upon returning.

Until then, tata.


Robin Reed said...

Congrats to Caleb on his new job - that is great news!

Free Range Chick said...

Good that Caleb is working again.

The book sounds good. Unfortunately my library does not have it :(

Kel said...

Totally Jealous! 4 nights...uninterrupted sleep...??? holy SMOKES!!! If I were you....I would sleep ALL day long!


Brent and Darcy said...

Very excited to hear about Caleb working again! I bin prayin for you guys!!