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27 March 2010

The Manhattan Declaration

I've only just learned about this today, in my daily email from Chuck Colson. (Do you know about Breakpoint? Check it out. You can sign up to receive Chuck's daily commentary in your inbox, if you're interested.) Today's commentary was about the health bill President Obama just signed. It doesn't include any protection against government money being used to fund abortions, which kept a few pro-life representatives from voting in favor of the bill. In an effort for those last few votes, the president made an executive order, prohibiting the use of federal funds for abortions.

As we all know, the bill passed the House early this week and was signed into law by the president on Tuesday, with much pomp and circumstance. But the issue of abortions funded by the government is still a big one. I'm learning an executive order means very little when it comes to the law. Even if President Obama sticks by his order, it can simply be overturned by the courts. Down the road, this could all lead to our taxes being used directly to fund abortions around the country. What do I do when Caesar begins demanding what belongs to God alone?

In his commentary (which I recommend you read) Colson points to this as another step in the moral disintegration of society in the U.S. They're small steps, but steps nonetheless.

He only briefly mentions The Manhattan Declaration, but I clicked on the link and found a nearly-5,000 word document, drafted by Colson and two others in 2009. It is a call of Christian Conscience; a chance, in a small way, to take a stand for what is right and moral in a society not only blessing, but reveling in, blatant immorality and societal degradation. The Declaration is very well written, covering as many angles as they could on three main issues: Abortion, Marriage and Religious Freedom. I encourage you to read it, and sign it if you feel so led. It is nice to know there are people out there fighting for what is right, for Biblical principles to be upheld. I want to be a part of that movement, a part of standing up for the values on which this country was founded, not to mention what God intended.

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