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08 September 2009

Lindley family Labor Day BBQ

Yesterday all the Lindley family that was in town gathered at my parents' house for a Labor Day BBQ and Cook Off. This time we weren't just getting together to eat and socialize ... Oh no ... the food everyone brought was to be judged on flavor, originality and presentation. Everyone got into it, and as far as potlucks go, this was the best one I'd ever been to. Its great when the people making appetizers, side dishes and desserts are in it to win a prize!

We also spent the afternoon going through 50 years worth of pictures from my grandparents' house. These were also combed through to be entered in six different categories of competition: most awkward phase, best hairdo, best outfit, best expression, "give this photo a caption," and one other one I can't remember.

The whole afternoon was a hit. We ate well and we had a great time strolling down memory lane as we combed through tons of pictures. Here are a few new ones I took to remember the day.

My entry in the "side dish" category ... Jell-O cocktails.

My dad and Josephine.

Darcy and Josephine.

Caleb grilling lunch.

Going through photos ...

Grandpa and Marilyn and Josie.

Mom, Jean and Joyce.

Marilyn and Josie enjoying the great outdoors. (As you can see, everyone seemed to need some time with the cutest 3-month old at the party.)

Caleb showing my dad his photos from his backpack.

Jon and Maddie.

Mom handing me the prize for best side-dish! I think it was the kids' votes that put me over the top.

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eric O said...

WOW! That must be some backpack if it's interesting enough to see photos of. Seriously though, it looks and sounds like you all had a blast. Does the Lindley/Hammer clan want to come to Kyiv and have a pot luck at the Oldenburg apartment?