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09 April 2009

Caleb's Office

Here are a few before and after pics of Caleb's office wall in the baby's room. As I've mentioned before, organization is going to be KEY in making this nursery-slash-office really work. The office wall still needs a little cleaning up, but we have managed to get all of Caleb's essential stuff onto one wall and one desk. Yay! I must give a HUGE shout-out to my brother Jon for coming up from San Diego to help design and hang the shelving arrangement. I could not have done it without him. Pics of the rest of the baby's room are going to have to wait, as its still not completely cleaned up yet. I'm hoping to get some of that done this weekend, as next weekend is my family baby shower, and I'm going to need a place to put stuff. Until then, infer what you can from these pics about the nursery part of the room ...


This was Caleb's desk before we started cleaning. It wasn't always this messy, honest. But sometimes it seemed like it was ....

This is the broader view of the area. Notice the pale yellow walls, the giant Star Wars posters, the bulletin board and white board to the left ... All gone. (Don't worry, the Star Wars posters are just in the attic, awaiting a new wall on which to display their glory.)


After we finished repainting, and Caleb left for Liberia, I invited Jon and Julie up for a day to help me get Caleb's office finished while he was gone. Organizing isn't his favorite weekend project, but it is mine. So I figured he wouldn't mind. And that "office" wasn't going to work without shelves. Lots of shelves. So, after Amy and I spent an entire afternoon at IKEA getting all the supplies, Jon helped get everything on the walls.

Later that same day Amy, Julie and I worked at putting everything ON the shelves that needed to go. There is still a Star Wars theme, an Angels baseball theme, and an art theme. I found a small bulletin board we were able to fit there, so he can still display current art he's working on. I also got him a new lamp (as the old one had died about a month after we bought it ... trust me, its worth spending more than $7 on a lamp). He's also got all his essential art books, journals, and toys necessary for creative thinking.

Close up of the shelves. One of the things we found in the attic as we were going through it several weeks ago was a box full of his grandpa's old photography equipment. So I pulled some of that out for display as well.

And here he is, in his bearded glory, at his new desk. Happy working Hunky Hubby! And, actually, with the recent change in his work hours, this was done at the right time. Now he can spend those Fridays at home working in a comfortable work space, with all his tools close at hand. (And look! There's even an extra shelf left over for Josie.)

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Anonymous said...

Very cool! I'm definitely on pins and needles to see the remainder of the nursery. It really is no fair that you give us this little taste. Good work though! Tammy