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05 January 2009

knitting update

I'm SO enjoying January's lighter schedule and the fact that all my gift knitting is finished (for now). I'm having plenty of time to work on some projects that have waited patiently since September to be continued. I've also posted a few pics from the finished pieces I made for Christmas.

Detail on the sweater I made Rachel for Christmas.

The back of Rachel's sweater.

Rachel's sweater, finished and fitting just right!

The hat I designed and made for my bro-in-law Hans. Though he wouldn't admit it, I think it came out a tiny bit small. He was wearing it damp on Christmas in an effort to stretch it out just a little. Hope he finds occasions to wear it!

The hat I made my brother David for Christmas. He and Rachel just moved to Washington, and he's now requesting more warm hats.

New projects ....

This is a sweater I'm working on right now. Here's what it will look like when its finished (hopefully). I've finished everything but the sleeves ... because when I got to the sleeves, I realized I didn't have the right needles! So I've ordered them.

The other great thing about this pattern is that its A-line construction and lack of buttons all the way down should suit my growing pregnant belly.


So while I wait for my needles to arrive ....

... I started another project I've been wanting to get to. This is what the finished product will look like (well, except mine will be more scarf-like than wrap-like ... and purple, instead of pink). I'm already half-way done. I'd be almost totally done if I weren't using much smaller yarn and needles than the pattern calls for. As a result, I'm having to do almost twice as many repeats of the pattern to get it the length I want.

My mom made me the stitch markers for Christmas. They're perfect!

Slightly wider view.

Here's to lots of knitting in 2009!


Amy Stokke said...

Hans totally wears his hat all the time. He loves it!

elnellis said...

just to say- you've got mad knitting skills! inspiring creativity.
(ps- i came to your blog through gypmar's blog whom i don't know but came to my blog through the omnivores digest whom i've never met but they know a friend of mine. sorry)