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26 January 2009

baby rooms and finished knitting

So, I've started to actually go a little bit baby crazy. Everything has become so real since I found out we're having a girl, she has a name, and daily now I can feel her squirming around in my ever-growing belly. So, of course the first thing we must do is prepare a room in which to welcome her when she arrives in June. On Saturday Caleb and I tackled the first of several tasks necessary to turn the study into a baby's room / office. We cleaned out two full book shelves of books ... stored some, relocated some, gave some away.... Overall, the room redesign is going to be an organizational and decorating challenge, but the very kind in which I revel. So I'm excited about the possibilities.

While the cleaning and organizing continues at home over the next several weeks, my mom has been helping me with the decorating part. I'm not much of a girly girl myself, and tend to find most put-together baby room ideas a bit too ... pastel, for my tastes. So we're branching out on our own, and I'm counting on my mom and mother-in-law to help much with things like curtains, bumpers and crib skirts. Below are the colors we're starting with ... still totally girly and fun, but not so ... pastel. I have dreams of painting stripes and / or murals on the walls, but we'll get to that later.

This week's decorating step is paint colors, and this week's cleaning project is cleaning out the over-loaded closet in Josie's room. (There will be Before and After pictures once the whole project is done.) My goal is to have the room gutted and painted before Caleb leaves for Liberia March 7. Then, upon his return, we can focus on filling it with all things baby.

A veritable rainbow of fun and bright colors. I love these fabrics, too, but I bought the swatches mostly for their color properties for now.

On to the knitting part of this post ...

I finished this wrap/scarf a couple weeks ago, but just this weekend got around to actually photographing it in its finished glory.

The original pattern calls for a wrap probably twice as wide as the one I ended up with, but I wanted something I could wear more easily as a scarf, as I don't know quite what to do with wraps.

My scarf. Yay! I love how it turned out ... now if we could just get this little Southern California heat wave to go away, maybe I could wear it!


km said...

Your Clapotis is tres belle. I've worn mine a lot more than I even imagined I would. I'm actually considering a 2nd one.

Josie is going to have a super cute room. You're super lucky to have a Mom & MIL that can sew.

And from the last post...your tummy is looking so cute. When we don't all have colds, I'd like to have lunch with you again. M has every other Friday off...Maybe in a few weeks?

Gypmar said...

I'd be happy to keep an eye on your beautiful scarf for you until it cools down there in SoCal. It's snowing here today.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors and is so much fun to come up with your own stuff. I can't wait to see the finished project. I agree that there are too many pastel, and cartoony, bedding sets out there. Good luck and continue your creativity! -Tammy