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03 February 2008

Super Bowl 2008

This year, to inaugurate our new HDTV, Caleb and I had a few family members over for the Super Bowl ... here are the highlights.

Every party must first begin with food. I made football player sugar cookies and football gingerbread cookies.

And of course, no foray into kitchen work is complete without flour getting EVERYWHERE.

But once everything was said and done, we had enough food to feed a small country!

Grandma and Grandpa made it by for a little while, which was quite a treat.

Its a small room, but we're a cozy family (Ben holding Lincoln, Dad in the LaZBoy, Caleb, Darcy, Lindley and Amy on the floor, Julie and Jon on the couch ... )

( ... Julie and Jon, Joel and Amy on the couch, Mom in a chair, Caleb and Andrew on the bench.)
See, we all fit!

Caleb and David ... not huge fooball fans, but enjoying themselves anyway.

Lindley, taking it upon herself to document the occasion .... all of the following pictures were taken by her, who, at just 4 1/2 years old, is quite the photographer.



Ben (or, for Lindley, Dad)

Heidi (who's camera she was using)

Heidi & Caleb (who can't keep his eyes open when a flash goes off)

Joel & Amy

Sister Amy

Caleb ... maybe he CAN keep his eyes open (which he should do more often, because they're such great eyes!)

Jon & Julie (up from San Diego for the weekend ... it was a treat to have them too!)

At first Lincoln wasn't sure the game would go his way. There was only a minute and a half left, and the Giants were still down ...

But then, amazing things happened, and Eli Manning pulled off end-of-the-game miracles ... and then ... TOUCHDOWN! Giants WIN!! And Lincoln is happy.

1 comment:

Mom and Dad Dub said...

We want to know if you saved any cookies for us. They looked yummy!

It must have been cozy in your living room. I counted 19 in attendance? Our little Super Bowl party of four was rather lively too, but not because of the football game. Conrad and Burke were more interested in the Duplo blocks and playing the piano!