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29 January 2008

the first wearable sweater

I've never been shy about attempting something I don't know how to do well. I'm willing to look up instructions in the middle of a pattern, find experts and ask questions if need be, and I have a fair amount of good old fashioned Hammer tenacity in my blood, which says "Oh, I could do that," no matter the project.

And so I bring you the first sweater I have ever knit that is actually wearable! I started collecting this yarn a while ago, one skein at a time, bought here and there. Eventually I came across a cardigan pattern I thought would be perfect for this striping yarn ... and regardless of the fact there were elements of the pattern I didn't understand, I figured it would come to me by the time I got there. One step at a time, right?

I started knitting just after Christmas, and got the main part done pretty quickly ... and then as I went to start the sleeves, realized I didn't have the right size needles. So while I waited for the needles (which I had to order) I started another sweater (which is still in pieces). Eventually my needles arrived and I was able to finish the project. There were definitely moments of consulting knitting glossaries and even watching a few knitting how-to videos, but I finished it ... and it actually turned out cute! And, get this ... it fits! The only thing left to get is a button, but otherwise this one is ready to wear! I'm actually a little surprised at myself ... and yet once again I see what a little perseverance and tenacity can accomplish.

This initial part, the lower main body of the cardigan (this is the back and both front sides) was finished quickly, but at this point it was time to work the sleeves. It would be another week and a half or so before I got back to the project.

Originally, I didn't realize my yarn was a striping yarn. I thought it was just variegated (where the colors would change a lot more frequently and create more of a mottled pattern than these stripes). But, as I worked it, I decided I really liked it!

This cardigan was worked from the bottom up. At the point where the sleeves join the sweater, at the armpits, it becomes one big project and the rest of the yoke is worked as one piece, including sleeves. I'd never done anything like this before, but I really like the way it brings the whole piece together ... it looks more continuous and less pieced together.

And here it is! My finished cardigan. Can you believe it?? Me neither. I promise to have pictures taken this weekend of the sweater on me ... I need a button still, and daylight for the photographs. But it really does fit!

This is the detail at the sleeve join. Isn't it pretty?


Michelle said...

So impressive Heidi, I love it. Hopefully you will find a button before tomorrow night and wear it to bible study. :)

Mom Dub said...

Nice job! Can't wait to see it on you.

BTW: It's Tom SELLECK (Can't let a Thousand Oaks resident's name misspelled!)