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11 October 2007

rockin' out with Jars of Clay

Last night Caleb and I went to a Jars of Clay concert at the House Of Blues at Downtown Disney. )It was one of his birthday presents.) It was quite possibly the best concert I've been to this summer (of the three). The House of Blues is a small venue, and we had to stand for the entire event. But despite aching feet and a sore back, I fully enjoyed myself. They sounded in concert just like they do on their CDs (my own gauge as to whether or not they're actually good at what they do). And the lead singer was more fun to watch than, than ... a baseball game! (Sorry honey.) The stage was set up with the keyboard and drums in the back corners, which left a huge space between them and the three microphones set up at the front. It seemed a bit odd. But then the band started to play, and as soon as the first song began to play, we learned the reason for the makeshift dance floor. Dan Haseltine, the lead singer, jumps and dances around like he's in a one-man mosh pit! He's all over the place, sometimes taking the mic stand with him, always with the mic in his hand, and singing well all the while. I couldn't figure out if he was a true rock star or missed his calling as a Broadway dancer. Either way, it only took moments to get into the music with him, and I spent the next couple hours singing and clapping along in the sheer joy the music engenders.

If you're not a Jars fan, I encourage you to become one. They've done what few bands are able to accomplish, they've found that balance between having a truly unique sound, and yet mainstream enough to appeal to the masses. They're also very insightful writers, with lyrics that describe every man's most basic questions about life and death, heaven and hell, and the meaning of life.

They're also, for the first time in their illustrious career, releasing a Christmas album! And last night, much to my delight, they sang several songs from the upcoming album (being released October 16). It felt like Christmas! And two things I love in the world are Christmas, and Christmas music. I went online today and pre-ordered the album from their website for just $10! Its a steal, and I recommend you do the same (

If you ever have the chance to see Jars of Clay play in a venue near you, I highly recommend you jump on the opportunity!

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Michelle said...

I absolutely love jars of clay, have since I was a little kid. I just ordered the CD because I know it will be awesome and I want some Christmas music I know I will enjoy. Thanks for the heads up Heidi, Christmas will be all the more fun this year with great music and great bands! Glad you had a good time. :)