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09 April 2010

a delicious experiment

I am not one to get overly energized by recipes. Cooking and baking are not my favorite pastimes, but I recently was perusing my friend Gypsy's blog, where she often describes in great detail recipes she's tried, food she's enjoyed, and often the beverage that went perfectly with it. In fact, I've never known someone who could write so enthusiastically about food. I am often inspired by Gypsy to get in the kitchen, despite my disinclination to cook.

She recently wrote about a cake she found and baked on a blog called Orangette; which, incidentally, is a fantastic blog, even for those who might not enjoy the fine art of food preparation. I already want to buy the gal's book.

I was intrigued by this cake because of its ingredients and the way they were to be prepared. A whole orange and a whole lemon, boiled and then pureed in the food processor. Almonds to toast and then grind up into a course sand. 2/3 of a cup of olive oil. I had to try it. So, one day last week, having woken up earlier and more energetic than usual (I am not traditionally a morning person ... just ask my husband), I grabbed my ingredients and got to work. The finished product turned out to be truly delicious. And true to Gypsy's and Orangette's claims, it tasted even better a few days later, when all the separate ingredients had had enough time to truly become one. I highly recommend it! (The recipe can be found on the Orangette blog, called Marmalade Cake ... you just gotta scroll down.)

An orange and a lemon, simmering.

6 ounces of almonds to toast. Mmmmmm.

The finished cake, topped with a little powdered sugar and set on my mom's awesome zebra dessert plates. A delicious treat. Even my husband, who traditionally does not enjoy cake, said he really liked this one.

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Gypmar said...

Yay! So glad you all liked it :)