My Journey through Breast Cancer

On October 11, 2013, I was diagnosed with Stage II Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) ... or as we like to call it, extreme measures for a nap (EMFN). For a while, this blog will be my cancer journal. Enter at your own risk.

22 February 2010

the latest

I've added a lot of pictures lately, mostly of my fair baby. How could you not photograph that cute kid day and night?? Of course, since she's my only child right now, I also have lots of time to pull out the camera when the right moment presents itself. Anyway, I'm feeling the need to summarize life of late, so here's a brief update, sans pictures.

Caleb is still searching for work. It is exhausting, discouraging, stressful and depressing. Every day he looks for new job postings, but rarely does he find one. And when he applies he is one of so many who also need that job. It has been nearly eight months that he's been without work, and yet somehow he keeps a smile on his handsomely bearded face. He gives Josephine his all while I'm at work; feeding, dressing and changing her as the need arises. He helps with the grocery shopping, the cleaning and the meal planning. He is our hero, continuing to take good care of his girls in spite of the small inconvenience of having no work. Maybe I should knit him a cape. He certainly deserves one.

I am working three days a week, Monday-Wednesday. I'm off every day at 3:30, which makes SUCH a difference. It leaves enough time at the back half of the day to still accomplish things I want and things I must without feeling like they have to be crammed into those too-short hours after a full day at work. Its never dark when I leave the office. And then, I get four-day weekends ... every weekend! I have plenty of time for things like craft day and hanging out with Miss Josephine. Its also nice to have a couple days a week in which to schedule things like doctor appointments and hair cuts. Other than the schedule, I also happen to like my job. So, even though my dream one day is to be at home with the kids full time, the current situation is more than manageable.

The other day I was cutting up an onion and the knife mistook my finger for food. We debated about needing stitches, decided I was fine without them, and three or four band-aids later the bleeding did finally stop.

I've lost six pounds since the beginning of the year, but can't seem to stay focused long enough each week to make any more headway. Its a constant battle these days, as I have at least 30 pounds to lose before I reach pre-pregnancy weight. Which I desperately want to reach, as I have a super cute wardrobe I haven't been able to wear now for a year!

Because of the part time job and being a full time mom, I don't have as much time as I used to for things like knitting and other creative projects. And yet, its amazing how much I've finished lately. I just finished a quilt for Dominic (new nephew) and a crocheted blanket with an awesome ruffle edge. I also made my first quilted bag, which I admit, is awesome. (Pics of finished projects to come.) I'm working on turning a recently-finished knitted sweater into a cardigan ... and in the process crossing off one of my new year's knitting resolutions to learn how to "steek." I also have a nearly-finished quilt that just needs its binding finished. I've recently started knitting another sweater for myself, of warm woolly bulky yarn, which I hope to have done before our upcoming trip to Death Valley, where it will surely be cold enough for such a sweater. Projects in the wings include more quilts, more sweaters, some hats, more mittens and learning to knit toys. *sigh* If only every day were craft day.

I've recently learned to play a new video game. This is big for me, because I haven't played video games since Super Mario Brothers and Nintendo were popular in the early 80s. Back then the controller only had three buttons. Do you know how many they have now? Millions! Thanks to hubby and bro-in-law Andrew for their patient teaching.

Josephine has recently become a "confident sitter." She almost never falls over any more. Crawling is sure to be around the corner ... which means baby proofing. I'm sure I haven't considered even half of the things she'll try getting in to when she's mobile.

Our small group Bible study is spending the whole semester studying the fruits of the Spirit. It has been a great study, and is challenging me to think more proactively about how I love and about joy (that's as far as we've gotten). These days my faith is being stretched significantly by our current financial/job situation, as well as our prayer lives. Why is it that things have to be difficult before we remember that God holds all things in the palm of his hand? Why do I wait until I can't find my own answers before seeking God's? He is, after all, omniscient. Why is it that he's not the first place I run, but the last? I'm working on that.

Living with my parents is turning out wonderfully. I wonder if we'll ever want to leave?

Grandpa is doing MUCH better these days. After two weeks in the hospital recovering from bacterial meningitis and stroke-like activity in his brain, he's finally getting back to his old self. Words cannot express our relief.

Caleb and my dad can't wait for baseball season to begin. It will be interesting having an Angels fan and a Dodgers fan under the same roof. Will my mom and I get to watch anything but baseball?

We celebrated Mom's 60th birthday on Saturday ... It was a great day! There'll be more about that in the next post ... probably including some more pictures of Josephine. :)


Goes On Runs said...

i've lost 8. gained two back. getting back on the wagon this week. you can do it!!!

km said...

We're almost to the 5 month mark on the unemployment journey. Your words are so true... It is exhausting, discouraging, stressful and depressing. Yet, we hold out hope. I'm so thankful for HIS faithfulness throughout our journey.

Your baby is so cute...I'm not sure how you could not take photos.

Lisa Hartman said...

Love reading your blog..although I don't get to often. I don't find much time to be on-line, but glad I can "keep-up" with you this way. :)
Look forward to our girls seeing each other again sometime.
God bless