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29 December 2009

a knitterly Christmas

I spent the last couple of months doing a lot of knitting for people. I like to use Christmas as an opportunity not only to bless those around me, but to practice some new techniques and learn some new patterns. So, now that Christmas has passed and everyone's opened their gifts, I can show you all the knitting I've been doing. I got a lot done, and yet there was so much more I wanted to do! I have to stop getting so ambitious during the holidays. Even so, here's most of the finished products (there are a few I still need to photograph, including mittens I made for my SIL Julie, a purse I knit and felted for my niece Maddie, and a beanie for my FIL).

This is the best beanie I knit, and it fit my brother perfectly! I'll definitely be knitting more of these in the future. I really like the stretchy ribbed fabric, it would fit most heads.

I really liked this pattern and had been wanting to try it for a while. My SIL lives in upstate Washington, where it gets really cold. So I knew she needed something really warm. So, I chose a chunky 100% wool yarn. The only problem with wool yarn is that it can be itchy against the skin, so I experimented lining it with flannel, and it worked! Hopefully the finished product will keep her warm without being uncomfortable.

OK, so I thought my dad's head was a little bigger than it is ... and it turns out he just may not be a beanie kind of guy. Even so, I think I nailed the Dodgers colors!

This was one of my favorite projects. The construction of this shawl-scarf is quite unique, and that pointed edging took FOREVER, but I really really liked the finished product. I wish I had a better picture (it doesn't show up that well against the red shirt she's wearing) ... I'm sure you would be impressed as well.

My BIL Hans is a big USC fan AND a big Harry Potter fan. These mitts honor both his faves. I was quite honored when he wore them the rest of the day after he got them. Not sure how many more mittens like this I'll do ... each individual finger is a pain to knit.

This scarf I knit for Amy was originally intended for her birthday back in August ... but it actually took a really long time. So she got it in her stocking for Christmas. Its knit from 100% bamboo yarn, which is really soft. I think its my favorite thing I knit for Christmas.

OK, this is just a really great picture of my daughter, and her chins and cheeks, wearing a hat I knit a long time ago.

These "Jayne Cobb" hats were made for my twin nephews Conrad and Burke. They loved them and wore them the rest of the day. I also made a miniature one for their baby brother Dominic, due in January.

Burke and Conrad are also expecting a baby sister in January, so I knit her this hat, modeled again by my daughter. (Yes, my BIL and his wife are expecting a second set of twins.)


avallak said...

The boys love their Jayne hats. One of them was misplaced briefly yesterday and they were very upset!

Brent and Darcy said...

I love the pix of your lil girl. she is so cute with those hats!

Amy Stokke said...

What's the deal with cutting off Hans' and my heads? We're pretty people, right? Just not pretty enough for your blog, I guess. Pooh.