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22 February 2009

our trip to Washington

I finally have a few pics from Washington to post. Well, more accurately, I finally have time to post them. Since we got home last week we've been focused on the baby's room ... cleaning things out, prepping for painting, and painting. There's been no time for anything else. We're still not totally done, but we're getting there. I'll post THOSE pictures when we finish.

I'll let the pictures tell the story of our trip.

When we arrived on Friday morning, we got our rental car and spent the day in Seattle. We ate lunch at a lovely little cafe overlooking the Sound at Pike Place, walked through the shops, got hot chocolate at the first Starbucks ever, walked to the Space Needle through a shady part of town, and spent time wandering through the gift shop. It was a cold day, but sunny and beautiful, so we put up with the it. Besides, I got to wear my new cherry red maternity coat.

Pick axes for door handles ... we could only be one place ...

Because we're us, we couldn't go to Seattle and NOT visit the REI flagship store. Its a huge store. REI on organic steroids. They had a whole corner set aside for kids, complete with a tree house they could play in. I had a tough time not wanting to buy baby sized hiking boots and socks. So cute! Can't wait to take the baby camping.

David and Rachel and Timber.

On Saturday, David and Rachel took us to a nearby lake. We spent an hour or so ambling around the entire lake. Again, it was a beautiful and sunny day, and though cold, the walk kept us warm. We were so fortunate to have such beautiful weather! And we experienced one of the fun parts of the outdoorsy Washingtonians, their love for dogs! There wasn't a soul at that lake not walking at least one dog. We could definitely do Washington. Maybe then I could get my Great Dane.

On Sunday the five of us (David, Rachel, Timber, me and Caleb) took the ferry to San Juan Island. We spent the day driving around the island, all of us dreaming of having summer homes there. We saw goat farms, sheep farms, and one farm with a giant camel. Every piece of property seemed to have its own lake and land enough for gallivanting about as though you were a character from a Jane Austen novel with nothing better to do but gallivant.

We went to the whale watching site on the island, where in the right season you're supposed to be able to see Killer Whales. The right season is June through September. So awesome. If only it had been summer.

We didn't see any Orcas, but we DID see eagles ... close enough we could practically see the whites of their eyes! (If eagles have whites in their eyes.) Check Caleb's blog for pics.

David and Timber. Like man, like dog?

On our drive back to Seattle on Tuesday to catch our flight, we took a scenic drive called Chuckanut Drive. It followed the Sound for several miles, again a beautiful day. We passed an alpaca farm as we drove, and I wished we'd had time to stop. Some of the best yarns come from Alpacas. And I love yarn.

Overall it was a great trip. It was relaxing and a great time with David and Rachel. Can't wait to go back ... maybe when the Orcas are coming through.

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Gypmar said...

Nice! My dad lives in Bellingham, so I've gotten to enjoy many Chuckanut Drive drives and camping trips on the San Juans growing up. It's so beautiful up there. We would have liked to live in that area, but there aren't a lot of tech jobs.

When Shaun and I were engaged, my dad took us on a kayaking trip out to the islands. We saw an Orca heading our way from very far off.(But close enough to get a picture of!) My dad started looking a little nervous, but it dove deep long before it got to us and surfaced way beyond us. Pretty exciting to see it from that vantage point!