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16 December 2008

christmas pics

I'm starting to become a little ashamed of my photography skills lately (or lack thereof). Really, I'm usually better than this, and I need to pay more attention in the future. For the pictures you see below, let's chalk it up to the fact that I really wasn't feeling well all weekend and never moved from my one spot on the couch. I'm so sorry to all those photogs out there I admire (Dad, husband, Shaun, Ansel Adams). Please forgive me.

That being said, here are a few pictorial memories from the Christmas weekend with my family. It was a blast.

Every year my brothers gift this Duffy Boats shirt back and forth to each other, and every year, when we're all sure they've forgotten about it, it appears in some creative way. This year, it was disguised as a gift to Madeleine from David. I think it looks great on her.

Speaking of the cutest kid at the party ... here's Maddie with one of her presents.

This year I picked Rachel in our gift exchange, and so I made her a sweater she'd been wanting. I was pleased it fit her, and she loved it! Mission accomplished.

Mom received hobnail glasses from Anthropologie from Amy and Hans (and then we all got a lesson in exactly what hobnail means ... its very interesting).

I just like Amy's face in this picture.

After helping Maddie open some books she got, my dad proceeded to actually read them to her. The fact that he's now a grandfather is really all the gift the man needs these days. He's already trying to teach her to say "Grandfather, Grandfather!" At three months, we're sure she's getting close.

Hats I made for Hans and David's stockings. They were both quite pleased. As was I, as they had been more work than I'd anticipated. In fact, in this picture, Hans is wearing a not-quite-dry-yet recently washed hat.

Caleb enjoying perusing his new used N.C. Wyeth art book. My mom found it for him and then said she enjoyed looking through it so much herself she almost didn't want to give it to him.

These are just a few snapshots from the weekend of course. And, as usual, those most interested in taking pictures are those most likely not to end up in any pictures. Therefore, I'm not in a single one (well, my double chin made it into the Duffy shirt picture behind Maddie and Jon). Jon and Julie also missed out in being in any photos because they were sitting right next to me on the couch, and as I mentioned earlier, I pretty much never moved from my one spot until all was said and done. But really, we were there. And not only can I more readily sympathize with my mom's constant requests to use her camera to get pictures with her in them, but I need to start learning to do the same with my own camera.


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Mom Dub said...

I love Maddie's quizical looks. It's like she's trying to figure out what all these crazy people are doing. Looks like she was very attentive to her grandfather though!
Won't we have fun with Weston grandbaby #3!