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On October 11, 2013, I was diagnosed with Stage II Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) ... or as we like to call it, extreme measures for a nap (EMFN). For a while, this blog will be my cancer journal. Enter at your own risk.

11 November 2008

thank you!

It's impossible to sufficiently thank the millions of men and women, throughout history, who have fought and died for this country. But today is Veteran's Day, and if there is one day where we need to at least try, today should be it.

I would like to personally thank:

Grandpa Lindley. He was with the air force in World War II. He was a navigator on a bomber, and once was shot down over Yugoslavia.

Grandpa Hammer. He was in the navy and once his ship was sunk.

Cousin Jason. He was a tank commander in Iraq, and just returned last week from his second tour, just in time for the birth of his first child, a girl.

The sacrifice these men, and so many others, have given so willingly is humbling to me. I know my thanks is insufficient, but I give it with as much heart as I can.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget your husband's two cousins: Adam and Chris Porter. Adam is headed back for his third tour in Iraq this month as an MP in the Army. Chris serves in the Coast Guard and has made several trips to Central and South America to search for drug runners.

Your father-in-law also served in the Army during the Vietnam War. Although he never saw combat, he gave two years of his life to his country, willingly.