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04 October 2008

Grandpa's Sweat Shop

Back in the jungles of Liberia, 200 miles from the nearest airport, a school is being rebuilt. African Bible College. As classrooms come together and students apply for acceptance, it mirrors the struggle of the entire country rebuilding after 15 years of civil war. During those years the school was destroyed, as was much of the country, both physically and psychologically. As the country begins to rebuild, the school is leading the way. What had been decimated to nothing but cement walls and taken over by jungle vines has already been rebuilt enough to accommodate a student body of 30, just now beginning the first classes to be held in over 15 years.

Back before the school and the country were destroyed, my grandparents had an opportunity to visit the college and the Chinchens, longtime missionaries and its' founders. They were greatly impressed by the teachers, the students, and the work that was going on to raise educated Christian leaders in Africa.

As the school continues to recuperate and build, there is one building in particular that has become of interest to our familiy: The Library. Why? It will be named for my grandmother, The Lois Lindley Memorial Library. Were she here to see it all come together, she would be so pleased!! And probably a little embarrassed to be so honored.

In order to get the library up and running again, $45,000 needs to be raised and donations of everything from chairs and desks to books need to be found. What makes it all extra interesting is all this needs to come in by December 1 to be loaded on a container already reserved on a boat bound for Africa. (If you are interested in giving, all donations are being sent to Granada Heights Friends Church and 100% of the donations are being used for the library. The address is 11818 La Mirada Blvd., La Mirada, CA 90638. Make checks payable to Granada, but be sure to put Lois Lindley Memorial Library in the memo line.)

And so, on Tuesday night, a bunch of us family got together to help Grandpa address, stuff, stamp and seal more than 400 letters and envelopes to go out to those who loved my grandma. Please pray over each of these letters and those who will receive them, that hearts would be open, that wallets would be open, and that for the sake of the school and the country of Liberia, this library would be ready to open by early next summer.

My grandma. This was taken at my cousin Joel's wedding last summer. It captures everything about her so well, and has become the family favorite photo of her.

The library as it was about a year ago. Since then it has gotten a roof and the area around it has been cleared. It simply awaits the funds to finish building and stocking!

Dad, Amy and Caleb, addressing envelopes.

Joel, working hard stuffing envelopes we've addressed.

Grandpa, stuffing envelopes.

Amy addressing.

Me and Darcy, addressing envelopes.

Molly, stamping.

Rachel, sealing.


Knitting Keep Me sane said...

I hope you get all the money you need for the library. Your grangmother was a beautiful women.

good Luck

Gypmar said...

Hi, Heidi!

Thanks for the note on my blog...of course I was excited to come check yours out. I look forward to checking in on your life this way :)

I did hear from friends and family about your grandmother's beautiful memorial service, but I didn't know about the ABC library. What a lovely and fitting tribute. Reading about it gave me a little tear in my eye.