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17 April 2008

more knitting fun

I've been doing a lot of knitting lately ... MAD knitting, my husband might say. I'm having fun knitting up a bunch of hats I hope to wear on our upcoming trip to Europe. But its become a little bit of an obsession lately, and my desire to FINISH as many as possible has turned me a little bit ... well, crazy. However, despite its toll on my personality, I'm collecting quite a few headwarmers, and I thought I'd share some of them with you. Enjoy.

This is one I'm currently working on, and hope to have finished soon. I'm using a very lightweight yarn and a small needle, so its taking a while.

This is actually a headband-type thing. I started this mostly because I wanted to learn this technique, called entrelac, which looks really cool. But when finished, the band itself turned out to be something I think I might actually use! And the technique turned out not to be nearly as complicated as I thought it would.

Here's the finished product, on my head.

I originally started this hat for myself, but as I knitted along, following the pattern, realized it was going to be MUCH too big for me. It also started getting really long, like a pointed elf's hat, so I actually never finished the top portion, just pulled it together when I thought it was long enough and tied it off. (I found out later this is a common problem with this pattern.) It fits Caleb (though its even a little big on him), so now HE has a new hat to wear in Europe. I had hoped to make another smaller one for myself, but I don't think I'll get that in before we leave. Oh, and yes, I knitted in that pattern, using two different yarns as I knitted along. Its laborious, but it looks so cool when its done.

You might remember this hat from a while ago ... well, now I've added its much-needed embelishment, a giant flower! I think it looks much better.

Sorry for the blurry picture here. This is more of a beret-style hat, and SUPER comfy. I used a yarn with cashmere in it, and its very soft. I'll try and get a better picture of it soon, 'cause its pretty cute.

Yes, its a little long, but its a nice basic double-yarn braided cable warm hat. With a big pom pom on top! You can't go wrong when pom poms are involved.


Gretchen said...

Wow! These hats are pretty darn cute! Love the one with the flower it's so SASSY! =0)

Amy Hammer said...

Ok, you have like a zillion cute hats now. Sharing is caring, sister.