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On October 11, 2013, I was diagnosed with Stage II Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) ... or as we like to call it, extreme measures for a nap (EMFN). For a while, this blog will be my cancer journal. Enter at your own risk.

04 June 2007

a weekend with munchkins

This past weekend, while my cousin and his wife were in Seattle, we helped them out by taking two of their children in, Caleb and Lindley. Well, they kind of took us in, as we stayed at their house for the weekend. But did we have fun! On Saturday we took them to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, with lunch at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. After a long day out and about, we came back to the house for a movie, dinner and early bed time. Sunday morning we were up in time to get to church, and then we all went swimming at the pool in our condo complex. After just an hour or so, we were all pretty worn out. Not too worn out for Mr. Caleb and Caleb to play video games, but worn out just the same. Then back to their house for Pick Up Stix, a little cleaning and another movie. And then, once again, bed time came early, which seemed just fine by everyone. The pictures below tell the story a little better.

Amy joined us at the Aquarium. We picked her up at her apartment in Long Beach, and then she had to squeeze between the two booster seats in the back for the ride to the Aquarium.

Caleb, Amy and Lindley at the Aquarium.

Mr. Caleb (as we dubbed him, in order to tell the two Caleb's apart) pointing out the seals and sea lions to Caleb.

Lindley petting the various sea anemones and starfish in the petting pool.

Heidi, Mr. Caleb, Caleb and Lindley at the other side of the seal/sea lion pool.

In the pool on Sunday. Caleb enjoyed "surfing" on Mr. Caleb's back.

Maybe Lindley should always eat ice cream in a bowl.

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