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20 June 2007

life comes at you fast

You know the National Life Insurance commercials? They're the ones with the tag line, "Life comes at you fast." In fact, their latest commercial is hysterical, you should check it out here. At least Kevin Federline can laugh at himself.

Anyway, last night we could have made our own commercial.

All I wanted was a popsicle. A fudge popsicle. Our movie (
*Letters From Iwo Jima) was an intense one, so not only was the chocolate calling, I needed a small break from the heavy nature of the movie. So I go to the kitchen and turn on the light, open the freezer door and grab two popsicles, one for me and one for Caleb. And that's when I made the fatal mistake: I attempted to CLOSE the freezer door. How dare I!

Well, its difficult to explain what happened next, but there was a lot of noise, and things falling on the ground and suddenly the door was very heavy in my own hand. It didn't fall all the way off, but it was definitely hanging in an awkward position. Caleb came rushing in, and we assessed the situation. It felt like the door had come off it's hinge, and yet it was kind of staying in place (just an inch lower than it was supposed to be). Caleb finally got on his hands and knees, only to discover the bolts that were once holding the door in place were completely rusted! And they had just had one door-closing too many, and busted.

We managed to get the door closed, and though it appears to hold on its own, we're not trusting it. So we braced it with the ladder. Besides! We have food in there that NEEDS to stay frozen! All those popsicles!!! I'd hate to come home after work today and find all my frozen chicken dinners and ice cream and ice all melted and making a mess of the kitchen floor. The ladder gives us peace of mind. The popsicles are safe!

Tonight Caleb will see what he can do to fix it, but I'm having an unlike-me pessimistic attitude about all this, and am just sure we're going to have to buy a new refrigerator. This one is more than 10 years old, which I guess is their average life span. So perhaps its time for a new one anyway.

Fortunately, I'm mostly finding the whole thing absolutely hysterical. We have a ladder holding our refrigerator together. How funny is that? And I suppose its a good thing we hadn't decided to buy a new TV yet ... 'cause we'd have had to take it back for a new fridge. Ah, good times.

*Letters From Iwo Jima was a very well done movie ... much harder to watch than its companion movie, Flags of our Fathers. Though both war movies tell a pretty graphic tale of war, there were elements of the Japanese side that were much harsher than the American, such as their refusal to accept defeat, to commit suicide rather than be captured as prisoners and live. I think I've seen enough war movies for a while.

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